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United Health Products, Inc. (UEEC) was formed to develop, produce, and market proprietary wound care products. Our core technology is a hemostatic gauze that provides the means to quickly control bleeding from open wounds with a cost effective, high efficiency product.

This innovative technology is derived from regenerated oxidized cellulose and is marketed under the trade name. HemoStyp will produce hemostasis in just seconds when applied to an open wound and is safe and easy to use.

HemoStyp is available in multiple sizes and configurations to suit various market segments and, in a healthcare sector shifting toward high quality care at affordable cost, offers an appealing alternative to higher priced competitive products. In addition to general military and civilian applications, the company has recently introduced Hemostyp to the veterinary, dental surgery, and dialysis markets.

UEEC's CEO, Doug Belpate, has over 30 years of experience in the medical device and wound care sectors. He leads an experienced executive management team with the proven ability to develop, integrate, and grow brands within the healthcare industry.

Latest News:

United Health Products Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Short Sellers

United Health Products today announced it has filed a defamation, trade libel and unlawful and deceptive practices lawsuit against White Diamond Research LLC, Adam Gefvert, Streetsweeper.org, Sonya Colberg and those others who aided and abetted the foregoing defendants’ stock manipulation scheme to injure UHP for illegitimate personal gain, in the Nevada District Court for Clark County. The Complaint alleges that in August 2019 White Diamond Research LLC and Adam Gefvert, Streetsweeper.org, and Sonya Colberg published false and defamatory statements about UHP in “short and distort” schemes to artificially drive down the market price of UHP’s common stock while at the same time having a short position in UHP’s stock, so they could obtain illicit profits on their short sale positions.

United Health Products’ HemoStyp® to Begin Human Trials

United Health Products today announced that its protocol submission for human testing has been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This FDA review has been provided to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for protocol and hospital site approval. United Health Products expects the human trial study to commence mid-August. UHP’s human trial protocol calls for the application of HemoStyp in abdominal, cardiovascular thoracic, and vascular surgical procedures to control bleeding sites. Read full press release.

United Health Products Receives CE Mark Approval for HemoStyp®

United Health Products has obtained Class III and CE mark approval for HemoStyp in the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA comprises the 28 European Union members and a number of other countries.  HemoStyp is now approved for use in internal surgical procedures in more than 30 countries. The approval was received following the provision of all required documentation by the relevant regulatory agencies. The CE marking certifies that a product has met EEA health, safety, and environmental requirements, which ensure consumer safety.

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