HemoStyp® Hemostatic Gauze FAQs

HemoStyp Hemostatic Gauze is white knitted fabric with uniform color and soft textile. It is mainly made up of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. HemoStyp Hemostatic Gauze can quickly absorb water of exudates from wound surface to form viscous gel. It is effective in immediate hemostasis, protecting wound site and accelerating healing for trauma and post operational wound.

Action Mechanism
When HemoStyp Gauze comes in contact with the bleeding site, it can quickly absorb water contents of exudates to form gelatinous mass, which fill wound voids, seal capillary ends, and thereby helps stop bleeding

How does HemoStyp work?

HemoStyp is a hemostatic agent that works on a natural coagulation phenomenon. When flowing blood comes in contact with HemoStyp, hemostasis begins to occur immediately and the end result is a dry surgical field.Ordinary gauze performs like a scab to prevent bleeding from a wound. This requires direct pressure, gauze saturation and drying. HemoStyp on the other hand expands rapidly as it absorbs blood. As it expands, it unites with platelets and the clot to create a "plug" which adheres to the wound and closes off blood vessels. Finally, it converts to a gel and then dissolves to saline and glucose.

Is HemoStyp FDA registered?

HemoStyp is registered with the FDA to help control bleeding from open wounds and bodily cavities.

How is HemoStyp used?

HemoStyp is available in multiple sizes and configurations which can be cut or folded to conform to the wound site. Apply HemoStyp to the bleeding area with slight pressure and hemostasis will begin to occur immediately. Placing an additional bandage on top of the gauze is optional and is in many cases unnecessary. On smaller cuts, it may be helpful to first cut the gauze in half before applying it to the wound. HemoStyp is easy to remove when the bleeding has stopped; simply add water and the gauze begins to dissolve into glucose and saline. When the gauze has transformed, usually within 60 seconds, just wipe the residue away from the bleeding site. The scab or clot is not compromised and the risk of re-bleeding is significantly reduced.

Has HemoStyp been tested?

Testing and extensive use hve shown HemoStyp to be an extremely useful hemostatic agent. Research shows that HemoStyp effectively cuts down on clotting time, helps stabilize new clots by accelerating the formation of fibrin cross-linkages and increases whole blood viscosity, thus promoting the aggregation of red blood cells. There have been no reported reactions or complications associated with its use. HemoStyp’s inherent bacteriostatic properties are also effective for contaminated wounds where it is difficult to maintain a sterile field.

What types of bleeding will it control?

Arterial, Veinal, and Capillary Injuries; Post Dialysis Treatment; Nose Bleeds; Abrasions, Lacerations, and Major Cuts; Dental Surgeries; and Puncture Wounds.

What are the advantages of HemoStyp?

• Interacts Instantly With Shed Blood 
• No Residue in the Wound Site 
• No Secondary Bleeding 
• No Inhibition of Wound Healing 
• No Adverse Reactions 
• Ease of Use and Application 
• Cost Effective

Are there any adverse effects?

There are no adverse reactions associated with the use HemoStyp Gauze. It will not cause infection and has no effect on systemic coagulation mechanisms. It has no known side-effects in over 15 years of use.

What are the indications?

• OTC: HemoStyp is indicated for temporary external topical bleeding of minor cuts or lacerations.